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    routine/diet method ideas welcome.

    First of all. I am changing from a routine of gour to hour n half weights. Half hour n shake break into hiit style up to an hour to the below format. Reasons being i do feel although i was leaning up ive lost some strength in a relatively short amount of time. I want to atleast maintain my muscular mass as well as keep burning off bit of excess fat im atill carrying. Currently creatine during and after first w/o at 5g's and 3g's citrulline before first routine along with black coffee no sugar/sweetner. (Should i supp cit on second workout?) also no added salt in diet. Only lowlow fat mayo/ketch with boiled egg meal most twice a day.

    107kg (as of yest)
    19-20% bf -+1 id say bang on 20

    new/current w/o and diet

    Type a,
    egg+oats 4*egg2*quaker satchets( i can stomach lol[yes. *****ish. But better than nowt] as a meal type)

    Type b,
    turkey breast, green beans, mixed veg

    type c,
    Beef steak. Fat trimmed, green beans and mixed veg.

    As for your advice on routines, ive decided to take your advice, i was gunna simply cut class lengths but now im gunna try;

    4:30-5:30or 6pm latest session one.

    Home for meal like above.
    400mg vitc
    800Ug vit a
    5ug Vit d
    7mg vit e
    80mg vit c
    1.1mg b1
    6mg b5
    14mg iron
    ABove bracketed can be easily doubled tripled etc. As just cheap multis for now a cheap spread.

    7Pm or later session two for hour
    Same as bove meal supp protocol

    Im cycling carbs keeping the above as a basic layout. Adding and taking away rice for my carb rotation

    Honest opinion?

    Thanks in advance.

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