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    how much is too much ??????

    how much is too much then, i dont know if im being too carefull with worrying about "overtraining" im targetting my arms at the moment so hitting bi's and tri's twice a week, for each workout i normally only do 2 exercises for bicep/tricep for 4 sets of about 10 reps is this enough or should i be doing more exercises ?

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    It totally depends on the person IMO if hitting them twice a week works then do it as long as there's at least 72 hours in between to recover. I do biceps twice a week myself just keep track of progress

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    Bicep I do a mixture of three main exercises. I.e

    Suspended curl
    Upright curl
    Cable curl (straight bar or preferably wrapping the ropes round my hands so rope on the putter of my hand attached to machine. Forcing my palms and lil finger side ever more upward for the peak work.

    I change this around loads tho with different stuff. Dumbbell work etc. Week on week. N use my stood up curl as my base weight overload point

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