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    ROM for close grip bench

    Hey guys, I love doing the close grip for triceps and as a big power move on my upper power day, currently doing Norton's PHAT workout and love it. I do cgbp for tris on power day and on the hypertrophy day i use more of a positions of flexion approach with high reps. Mid range generally weighted dips, stretch is usually overhead or high incline extensions, and peak contraction is usually a pushdown. Anyhow-on the close grip I used to lower down to the chest but I am thinking the delts have to do that much more work if you lower to the chest, not to mention it must take tension from the triceps. I use a shoulder width grip, hands usually positioned just outside the smooth part of the bar. I read Poliquin's best triceps exercises recently and he recommends to stop 4-6" above the chest, therefore, could I just replace the close grip bench with close grip 3 board presses? My profile has most of my info but to sum it up I'm 24, been lifting 4 years, would like to compete someday in amateur, certified pt, 192lbs 13% bf, best squat 400 to parallel, best bench 300, best deadlift 405.

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    The triceps are mainly worked in the upper portion of the movement but you would still need to work them through the entire range of motion. Board presses are to help a certain part of the lift. I don't get why you'd want to do a close grip board press???

    Also ignore almost everything your see or hear coming from Poliquin.

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