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    My new chest workout is unbelievable!!

    I found something that really works for me and my chest just feels f*****g awesome.

    I used to do a few different exercises for my chest and switch them around (i.e. 4 sets bench, 3 sets dumbell flies, 3 sets crossovers, etc). Never had major complaints about my chest. I've always wanted a little more size upstairs, but who doesn't.

    For some reason I decided to take a totally new approach last week (and did the same workout this week). Instead of doing various exercises, all I did was 8 sets of decline and 3 sets of weighted dips. I completely annihilated(in a good way) my chest on the declines. Warmed up light than went heavy as possible for 6-8 reps. 2 sets @ 230 on the smith. Then 2 sets @ 210. 2 sets @190. 2 sets @ 170. Weight might not be accurate but you get the point.

    After the declines I did 3 sets of weighted dips w/ a 25, 35, and a plate. One set with each weight.

    When I walked out of the gym the Friday before Memorial Day I could not believe what I felt in my chest. It was almost euphoric, if that makes any sense. I was sore through Monday. Yesterday(one week later) I did the same workout and my chest just feels amazing. All weekend long my friends have been catching me patting/rubbing my pecs.

    Has anybody else had an experience like this where they just stumbled upon something that totally works? I hope so, because it is a great feeling.


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    Yeah I hear what you're saying great feeling. The problem I see is that you're just hitting the lower chest with these two movements. Unless your lower chest is lagging I would make sure I hit all three area of the chest.

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    Hell yeah, any time you switch up your routine you feel it. But if I did that my chest which is already flat on top, would even look more like a downward line. Not to jump onto your routine but Maybe add some incline on there and go just as heavy with it. O well just my 2cents.

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