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    intense lower back pain, i know this is not new, but my situ seems unique

    hi guys, gals, let me start off by saying i've looked at the posts, i know lots of folks post about lower back pain, but most posting seems to talk about pain next day.
    I'm 33, 6 foot 2, 235 lbs, approx 13 percent BF. I only train for rugby league, not looks. I lift full body 3 times a week, the usual BS, squats, deads, chins blah blah. we mix some cool power movements in, and some mobility stuff, but you get the point. on off days i'm either drunk with the lads or doing sprinting and stretching lol. my nutrition is good/very good. winter/summer. I warm up every day, i take that seriously. I am on test prop/tren ace. it's my fav cycle, i don't see the need to change. i've been doing it a long time and my body likes it.
    I don't think it's right to say my lift techniques are perfect, but I'll qualify that by saying we have professional trainers who have taught me some really good things, so i think my lifting technique is pretty decent/safe
    I have lower back pain (not on the spine) that is virtually destroying my workouts.
    I am not that strong for my size. my One rep max for deadlift is 410, squat is 385. we don't do one rep max though, we aim for 8 reps typically.
    when my lowerback first started giving me trouble, our trainer said it was a weak point for me, and keep doing what i'm doing, it will catch up to the rest, and stop hurting.
    this is not the case. it has gotten to the point where my lower body excersies are destroyed by my lower back pain. let me explain. picture doing lower back raises until utter failure.. that shitty muscle feeling of hobbling off the machine like an 80 year old man, that is the pain i have. well i get that warming up with just the bar for deads. i get that carrying my gym bag back to the car. I got it jerking off the other day. that's how i know i'm in trouble lol. I hobble around the gym like an old man. my deadlifts, rows, and front squats are ruined. my lower back hurts way too much. I feel crippled. I have done stretching, used laccross balls on the wall and everything else. I just don't get it.
    has anyone had this? if so how did you fix it? i'm getting depressed. i want to work out, my lower back is ****ing everything up. the other day i was at the mall and i had to keep sitting down, my lower back was just so uncomfy
    I dont use a belt. should i?
    thank you to anyone who can share some thoughts, happy new year

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    What's your posture like mate? I've heard a lot of league players have varying levels of lordosis that will cause lower back pain. I've got some lordosis and have been having a bit of trouble around my L5. I've been told my hip flexors have become tight over the years and that has tilted the pelvis forward a bit, resulting in the lordosis. So lately I've been doing a lot of core exercises and stretches to try and fix it.

    U mind if i ask where you are playing league at the moment?

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