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    Low-Bar Squat Form Critique Please (VIDEO)

    (Start at 30 seconds)

    I've been doing compounds lifts for years now and I have accumulated many injuries from doing them wrong. I never realized how many little and big mistakes I was making until I started to look into it. I corrected a ton of stuff -- the bar placement on my back, my hand/wrist placement, etc. One of the tougher things to overcome for me was not to exaggerate the hip drive. I realized recently that I am way too horizontal and am turning my squats into "goodmornings." This video above was shot with all of this in mind. My biggest concern is my bar path. I'm struggling to get it to look anywhere close to vertical. I'm thinking maybe I tilt the bar and it just looks off center? What do you guys think, about that, and about my overall lift? I am trying to do everything I can to avoid getting hurt again.
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    Look straight ahead or slightly up at all times. Take a breath before u descend and hold it. Exhale when about 1/2 way up.

    Slow down the eccentric part of the lift (going down). Its too fast and the sudden change in direction and compression of the spine is obvs not good.

    At the bottom you have a posterior pelvic tilt, I call it the anal wink hah

    If u look at ur butt at the bottom u can see that the pelvis tilts and u lose the lower curve in ur spine. That's obvs not good.

    The eye placement, breath holding and sticking ur ass and chest out and holding it will help this

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    a mirror in front of your squat rack would be useful..

    take an extra second or 2 to do your reps.. lighten the weight if you have too..

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    Solid advise above. For sure slow down and get a mirror. Try to keep your upper body more erect with the weight's center of balance more in control; in your vid you can see rep to rep different angles of your upper body = lower back issues.

    Practice your form with the bar only or with extra light weight like 35's

    Good luck
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