Goal: Aesthetics (size but good definition).
Age: 31
Lifting: 1.5 years
Weight: 68.2kg


I'm losing a bit of motivation, I think I need to change my training routine. I've done the Rippetoes Strength Routine for about 2 months and I'm eating a lot to try and bulk, but stay lean. I've always been lean and I'm an ectomorph but I've started to put on a bit of size but also bodyfat. I'm fed up with reading countless articles and I just need some 1-1 advice and tips.

Can you recommend any programs. With the routine I was on I lost a bit of definition, but put on a little size. I'm going to start changing my routines from 3x6/8 and start doing 3x12 again by dropping the weight and keep with good form (keeping roughly 30-60 seconds between sets and keeping controlled but steady tempo).

I would do legs one day, then arms, then chest. I would do mainly compound lifts, but my routines are a bit haphazard. I need a proper training routine and start setting proper goals. I want to take my training to the next level as I'm getting frustrated by lack of progress in 1 and half years.

I know I need to sort my nutrition out but I will keep that for the nutrition forum so if we can stick to training here that would be more benifical.

Have you any routines or tips to help out? I know this all a bit vague but this is why I want to have clear routines and goals. Any positive advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.