I have been on AR for about 10 days now and I have been commenting on people's workouts and supporting people in their achievements. But I haven't given my background. I have been trained by the retired Russian Olympic wrestling coach Aurtur Manaysan before going to college and wrestling at Penn State. I learned my cross training from Kerry McCoy a two national NCAA champion, World Champion, and Olympian. Carey Kolat- olympian, Soto-japan-Olympian, and many other World Class Athletes. After leaving college I became an Operator for Military Intelligence and trained with the special forces, Rangers, and Marine force Recon. I am currently a contractor for the Department of Defense. I have been trained or trained along side veteran professional trainers. I am a natural body builder and have gained 55lbs of muscle in 5 yrs. If anyone wants a work out of mine just ask and tell about what I do each week that could help you in all around fitness.