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Thread: Bad Genetics?

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    Bad Genetics?

    im 20, almost 21, ive been lifting for around 4 years now, with good form and training and workouts, my meals have been perfect at times and not so perfect at others, but no matter what, even with steroids . there is 1 problem that really gets to me, is my muscles genetic shape.

    Most people say bad genetics is a load of crap, look at this skinny guy turn into a monster!

    Well after constantly looking into others progress stories from super fat to super ripped or skinny, or annorexic to super strong and bulky.

    Ive realised that you cannot judge a persons muscular genetics before they lift! you can judge their normal whole body genetics! such as fast metabolism, or slow, or fat, or ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph! but you cannot in anyway judge their muscular genetics.

    An easy one to prove this is ****! he thought he had bad genetics... because he was super skinny, but thats completely wrong, he was skinny because he never ate/fast metabolism. as soon as he started lifting he got pretty ripped and with the aid of steroids proved that he had good muscular genetics! well balanced, proportional muscles! yes, very strict workout is required for a well proportional body!

    However onto why i think i have bad genetics! ive tried various things, id say my frame is very skinny, im 6ft 2 and i was 8st 12lbs when i was about 16!!! anorexic (classed weight). but after 4 years of training and now weighing a considerable 14 stone, ive come to realise that there is an imbalance that i cannot do anything about which is SHORT muscles, all my muscles seem to be very short, my arms, my legs, calves, shoulders, they all are short and this makes me really annoyed as not matter how much i try to stretch them, no matter my range of motion muscle WILL NOT build due to that area being tendons which muscle will not replace!!!

    That is what i believe as bad genetics, is there anything i can do to help? or am i ****ed? :L

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    My friend we ALL have things about our physiques we do not like and things that we will never achieve despite how hard we try. You are still really young and not fully developed yet. You say your diet is good but have you really looked into your tdee and or followed a true bulking diet? Do you know how to train specifically for hypertrophy? I understand your frustration but you need to remember ....this is a Marathon not a sprint. Spend some time here and do some research and ask more questions.....I guarantee you will be a better you.
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    for me everything grows fast but my triceps,i have some long ass arms so i just always pay attention to my peak of my bi cep.i focus on training the outer and lower part of my tricep.i have no patience so its can get a little frustrating. just work hard and keep eating good and focus on your goals.listen to buster,and other people in they have allot of knowledge.good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster Brown View Post
    You are still really young and not fully developed yet. .
    x1000. you are going to develop leaps and bounds over the next 10 years so give it time. it sounds like you have a very high metabolism but trust me it will slow down. eventually you'll be the athletic 45 yr old guy picking up 20 yo girls while all ur friends are overweight with beer bellies.

    who's ur daddy? all jokes aside do you know ur father? would you be happy looking like him if he went to the gym 5 days a week? that's what lies ahead
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    [QUOTE=Buster Brown;6991141]You are still really young and not fully developed yet.

    Which is the reason you shouldn't be cycling at 20 years old.

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