Okay. I was wondering if you pros out there could please help me. I have experienced the results of overtraining and receeded back to an normal guy, actually losing literally ALL my muscle before lol. Anywho I was wondering if you pros could tell me if this is undertraining, overtraining, or dumb, or look for flaws in this routine for me please! Anything that my hinder gaining. My routin will be;
60Lat reps
60Chest reps
60Medial delt reps

Day 2
120 Calf reps(60 per angle)
50 Ab reps woth weight

Day 3
Cardio for 1mile+
50Glute reps
50 Quad reps
I dont do sets or set exercises, I stop when im done and I attempt to confuse my muscles
Im on test500/tren /dianabol
(My past routine was every other day and I cut the upperbody routine in half, lol... desire.)
I say will be because im currently getting rid of the 25lbs of peanut butter fat that I thought atleast some of would be muscle lol.
Can you pros out there please point out any flaws in this routine for me pleassseee! I never want to overtrain again =( after seeing what it did.