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    Please Help with my new workout routine!

    Hey guys, due to being in nursing school these couple of months and having a full time job, I've kind of let myself go and lost a substantial amount of muscle as well as gained some fat.

    I finally decided to hit the gym again. My current goal is getting my bf down to 10% before I start a clean bulk. I already have my diet in check so, just need an effective workout routine that will fit my schedule!! Which is a bit harder than I thought considering the TONS of workout routines out there. I definitely want a routine that flows and follows the basic rules of: giving enough time for muscle recovery and appropriate splits that won't interfere with each other.

    SO.....Would this split work?

    MONDAY- Chest, Tris, Bis
    TUESDAY- Cardio
    WEDNESDAY- Total legs
    THURSDAY- Cardio
    FRIDAY- Back and Shoulders

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    Not a bad split at all.

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    Sounds good. Why not to add cardio after work out?

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