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    1 day a week of cardio effective?

    My main goal is size and strength but I wouldnt mined keeping my body fat down and gaining some cardiovascular endurance in the process. I started playing hockey but it is only one time a week. It last for an hour and a half and I look at it as HIT style training as you skate hard for a couple minutes then go to the bench and rest for a few minutes and go back out again. My question is is an hour and a half of HIT style cardio once a week enough to make an impact in how lean my physique is? Going from no cardio to this can I expect to see some changes or is it not enough?

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    Not sure if this helps you. Seems useless to me. May be it will improve your stamina a bit.

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    That completely depends on your diet, are you in the process of bulking or cutting? If your bulking, i dont think 1 day of hockey will have much of an impact on your overall body composition aside from giving your heart a small workout. If your cutting, the cardio will be helpful, but i think you need at least one more session per wk. Diet is the main key, I know guys that can lose bodyfat on a cut without much cardio, just a proper diet with regular workout is enough.

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    Although hockey is a great cardio workout I think you need one more day a week even if it's 25 minutes at the end of a weight workout. This is of course really hard to say because it also depends on how tight your diet is and dialed in you are. If you feel that your bulk is going well and your not packing on the fat then keep it at once a week. Guidelines are great but you need to tweak them to get the results you are looking for.

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    I think if you add 10 minutes of pre lifting HIIT to your routine you'll notice and amazing difference. Your heart rate will be higher for your entire workout assuming you're not an all day lingerer between sets

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