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    My Exercise List!?!?

    So I had been lifting for years and not doing so bad. I mean for me but for example my bench press was only 225lbs(not max I never knew my max) and 5 reps was tough.

    So one day my buddy who used to be on stage and is now a head football coach put me on his teams schedule. He still looks like a chiseled stone but he says genetics helped him.

    Either way, I started a new 3 phase program. 1 month hypertrophy, 1 month strength and 1 month power. Within a few months I lost about 20lbs and benched 300lbs. I did it alone at home with no spotter and had started at 275lbs adding weight and was like that was easy add more and so on. Pretty sure I could have done 315lbs but not without a spotter in case. So yeah not the most but I was amazed how this not only took my bench beyond but basically everything.

    I wanted to share my program I have modified that is 3 different exercise days but only 2 styles. Hyper 4x10 and strength 3x5. Some exercise on strength days I still do 10 like chest flies or kickbacks because they are easier to do.

    Each part of the 2 parts per session is superset with a selection from the other group for example bench and skull crushers or standing military and hammy curls. I have them paired by A-F. No reason but some are matched so I am not using the barbell for both to make sure my sets are not me changing weights for 3 minutes.

    Session 1
    Chest - bench, incline bench, lying flys, push-up, incline dbells, lying overhead lifts
    Tris - skull crushers, close grip, push downs, bench dips, kickbacks.

    Session 2
    Shoulder/Traps/Neck - Standing Military, Smith Shrug, upright rows, front and side raises, dumbell incline raises and weighted neck ups.
    Legs/Hammys/Calves/Abs - squats, hamstring curls, calf raises, lunge, planks, spell casters

    Session 3
    Bis - barbell curls, precher curls, spider curls(on stomach incline), zottman curls, hammer curls, incline dumbell curls
    Back - Deadlift, one arm rows, smith rows, shrugs, seated rows, close grip lay pull downs.

    I go through each session 2 times at hyper(4x10) then once through strength(3x5) with much higher weight.

    I run every other day most of the time unless I wiped from lifting. Happens from time to time Im running to bed im so tired.

    I rarely lift to failure since going from 6 exercises per session to 12. Not sure I can get all done especially on days for biceps with so many exercises doing the first set to failure may ruin doing the rest of the arms stuff.

    This setup has served very well so hoping my mods to pump it up while cycling do the trick. I've been planning to take it up a notch just got this.

    Gotta hit the hay lol I'm fried. First day on the cycle gotta start being really strict now.
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    good progress!

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    Thanks. I only lift every other day like I said, I have done every day depending on how I feel. Sometimes I skip running so I'll do it 2 days in a row or im too tired from lifting to run.

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