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    A question about overtraining.

    My gym performance is awesome. My health, on the other hand, is deteriorating.

    Granted I am sick right now, and it probably has more to do with my co-worker refusing to leave work even though he had the flu, but perhaps I'm this way because Smolov gave me a weakened immune system!


    A while ago, I puked for no apparent reason. I am not sure if my last workout was so silly-intense that I somehow needed to break 2 gallons of H2O today, and that by having just one I'd still be dehydrated. Or my body is nagging me to rest and stay away from the squat rack for a whole week.

    But why the hell would I? I'm making serious gains.

    Am I just sick and suffering for it? Or is this a form of overtraining?

    As far as other symptoms, there's nothing else. At least nothing significant...

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    Sounds like you answered your own question. You state that you are making serious then do you feel that the symptoms your body is giving you that you are overtraining? If you don't know then usually one of a couple things will happen: you will get sick, sustain an injury, stop progressing. Due to the fact that if you train full bore year one of these things will occur, it's much easier to just plan down periods of training and train in maintenance mode.

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