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    Raw strength vs relative strength

    Is it in your eyes better to have high numbers for the Bench/Squat/Deadlift but of course weigh over say 220lbs (assuming person is 5'8) more than to say be able to bench 1-1.25x bw, squat 1.5-2.0 bw and deadlift 2.0-3.0 bw, while being at a lower weight of 180lbs

    Getting some opinions for my future goal post cut and going off the basis of the opinions of the members here. Not looking to go into powerlifting, but having a goal either it being a target weight in lifting or aiming for a range for a lift.

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    if you want to compete in Pl I would say if weigh 180lbs but still lift 2x your body weight in each category would be better that someone at 220 only lifting 1.2x there body weight.

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    I wouldn't base goals off others opinions, set your own goals and achieve what you'd be most proud of yourself.

    Personally (even though I'm a smaller guy) I'm a bigger fan of absolute strength, I want to get as big and as strong as possible not just increase my relative total. At the moment I'm around a 1.5x bench 2.2x squat and 2.3x deadlift none of which I'm that happy about, I want a 4 plate squat, 2.5 plate bench and 4.5 plate deadlift this year. Whether it's going to be 3x bw or 1x bodyweight, I want it!

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    Depends what your goals are. For me, it is always more impressive to see a smaller or cut guy put up some crazy weight than a fat dude in a hoodie bench 405. I would say so because the smaller dude (relatively speaking, frame may be the same) could also sprint, jump high, play hockey or whatever. The big dude can really just lift big but is less healthy and the strength honestly doesn't carry over to much else.

    I compete in PL but have also set other goals such as dunking a basketball or running a 11sec 100m. For me it was always better to say, "yeah i can jump high, run fast and dead 470" instead of "i eat my face offand dead 550"

    Matter of preference

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    As I've mentioned a few times here, i personally prefer a 'powerbuilding' routine. This means I train for both size AND strength (look into Josh Bryant for more info). I'd like to be as big as possible, while having the strength to back the size up. This is just my preference.

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