Hey Guys,

I would love some opinions on my routine... I have really just one question. I'll give you some background, it may be lengthy but hopefully you will have all the info you need to provide suggestions.

Currently 21% Body Fat, 176 pounds lean muscle + 46 pounds fat
RMR is 2768, 34 years old, 5 feet 9 inches.

Goal -

Drop body fat percentage to 12-15% in 90-120 days. I am not concerned about putting on muscle, just like to lose as little muscle as possible while dropping as much fat as possible. I am currently in week 4 and have only lost a few pounds but I have dropped from a size 36 to 34 ( barely ) I was bloated previously from sloppy eating so I dont think it was as much from the training as it was from healthier eating.

Diet -

I take in 1800-2200 calories in a day 180-200 g of protein, 100-200g of carbs, fat limited to the meats and 2 table spoons of peanut butter.( white meat only, lean beef once a week ) ( carbs are limited to oatmeal, sweet potato, and brown rice only ) About 1.5 gallons of water daily and sodium is at a super low... basically I dont add salt to anything and am avoiding processed foods all together ( besides my shake, a quest bar from time to time and peanut butter).

Workout -

At the gym 5 am ( no pre work out meal ) - one hour of weight lifting with 30 - 60 second breaks, some super sets... One body part a day for 5 days - I really do great early in the morning, I see no difference in performance with a meal so I cut it out.
(Legs, shoulders, arms, chest, back ) 6- 8 exercises, 4 sets, 10-12 reps ( arms - 4 tris and 4 bies ) I am currently not doing any ab work outs.

I just rotate the body part so it does not land on the same day of the week, weekly.

After the weightlifting I follow up with 45 minutes of stairmaster intervals. I take a break from cardio on leg day but add an additional day of cardio on a day that I am not lifting weights, but thats just a constant session for an hour on real life stairs ( I have access to about 10 flights of stairs that I hit for an hour straight ) One full off day, one day of only cardio and one day of only weights.

Question -

I can drop the morning cardio and instead add a afternoon session with a full hour on real stairs ( I guess I can do intervals there too ). So whats most optimal for someone with my goal ? Should I switch the cardio or should switch or should I rotate weekly ? I get lazier in the afternoon and I am a little worried that I may start skipping afternoon cardio workouts and that would leave me with less cardio days in the week.

Thanks in advance for all that take the time to read and suggest.

Sam -