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    Training frequency for natural vs enhanced.

    Skip to 9:40, a solid explanation/theory on why training for natural vs enhanced lifters is different, and why lower frequency has shown to be suboptimal for natural athletes.

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    Not a bad theory/opinion although I think that type of question doesn't have a quick answer to it. I think it's a shame that there is a lack of updated data on AAS findings in terms of nitrogen uptake and all of the factors surrounding's the same as Hgh in terms of at what rate does cell hyperplasia occur? Too many factors and not enough data to easily answer.

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    Listen to your own body and how it responds and builds muscle tissue or strength which ever is your goal, never listen to one person babble. Nothing is set in stone, we are need to learn how to train properly majority don't understand what a good session is even though they think so and also they need to listen to their own bodies to progress in the area they want to achieve in.

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