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    Home made/improvised equipment

    If there is a better forum for this let me know, but I felt this would fit here best. I train at home, and although I have acquired a lot of equipment over the years there are some things that just aren't easily bought (at least not on a reasonable budget), so I've found ways to build some things to meet my needs. For example, the single cable pull down system you see here. Other than the triceps rope attachment, everything else came from Home Depot for about $40. Two pulleys, cable, and attachment hardware...and voila you've got a triceps cable pull down(obviously requires access to ceiling rafters to bolt up so it really only works in basements. If anyone has similar home brewed stuff that works I'd love to share some ideas! Posting pics from phone btw so if it doesn't work sorry.

    Home made/improvised equipment-image.jpg
    Home made/improvised equipment-image.jpg
    Home made/improvised equipment-image.jpg
    Home made/improvised equipment-image.jpg
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    Pretty cool.... Well done

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    Where there's a will there's a way.


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    Good idea.

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