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    Thib's calf solution

    Hey guys,
    I've been using Christian Thib's rx for puny calves lately and notice some difference already in the thickness. For those who don't know what the protocol is it looks like this

    2 second peak contraction
    2 second stretch on every rep

    on the twelfth and final rep hold the peak contraction for :30

    Rack the weight and shake off your calves for :05

    Get back in position and let the weight hold you in an extreme stretch for :45

    Basically trying to remove the stretch reflex as much as possible and using a lot more time under tension.

    Question is would this work for other high endurance muscles? Maybe something like traps and forearms?

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    Im a firm believer in deep streching for calves, as streching the fascia hopefully allows more room to grow. Some ppl have very strong fascia in lower leg.

    Other advice is to prioritize calves if you want them to grow, start leg workout with calves exercises. Also go heavy, really heavy, and finish with dropset to maximum pain level (this is the hard part). I take to a level where I can only do partials with almost no weight, partials do work for my calves, of course only after doing strict form 5-6 reps (at max weight).

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