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    I am new to the forums but have been lurking in various sites for some time. I am going to be 41 this coming season and am no longer recover as quickly as I used to when jumping in the saddle. I have been doing some research and it appears that either Test E or EQ would serve my needs the best for performance enhancement without bulking. I am not competing so testing is not a concern. I do have a lot of questions but I guess I will start with the following.
    1. My research shows that EQ has the lowest risk to benefit. It does not appear to add bulk and is beneficial for cutting (I added a few unwanted pounds over the winter that need to go before hill climbing). Is my understanding of EQ correct?
    2. I have read that a dosage of 200mg-400mg per week should be sufficient for my goals of increased recovery and maintaining lean mass while cutting. Your opinion is appreciated here.
    3. At this dosage over a 8-12 week period what would the approximate cost be including anti estrogen and including PCT?
    4, Are there other AAS that would be better for my purpose?
    5. Is EQ easy enough to acquire from a UGL?
    6. Does anyone have experience utilizing any AAS for the purposes that I intend and what have you found your results to be? What can I expect?
    Like I said I am still learning and appreciate all advice. I approach this topic with a great amount of caution and skepticism. Most information is geared toward building muscle mass so any help that can be provided is appreciated. My goal is to complete a 230 mile bike ride in a day. Training recovery greatly limited my ability to prep for this event two years ago when I did not complete it. Are my motivations for using this off base? Do I have an unrealistic expectation for this product?

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    1. Bulk or cut is more related to training and diet, although to a point you are correct EQ is weak in bulking. But you need to add testosterone as EQ only will shut down you natural testosterone and you will find yourself much worse than when you started. Low dose testosterone 200mg/week, EQ dosage should be linked to your hematocrit so you need bloodwork to adjust dosage, everyone is different here. You want to get your hematocrit to 52%, more than that is not advisable although you should know the kind of risk you want to take.
    2. Yes, recovery and stamina will be improved, but the big advantage is the improved VO2max. High hematocrit will allow more oxygen transport, and improved respiratory performance, of course your heart will be under higher work load.
    3. Against rules to discuss cost. You probably dont need AI from 200mg test, eq does not aromatize, of course im assuming that as cyclist you have very low bodyfat.
    4. Not to my knowledge.
    5. Against forum rules to discuss.
    6. Almost everyone here has a bodybuilding mindset, so it will be hard to receive much answers towards endurance sports. Low test and low eq will give you better recovery and stamina, but dont expect magic results, maybe 5 to 10% more is the maximum I would expect. The improvement in your VO2 max will depend from your starting bloodwork.

    AAS will not substitute hard work.

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    Thank you very much. Is it hard to find a healthcare professional to handle the blood work? I appreciate your response. The V02Max increase would be most beneficial. I understand this is no magic bullet and really am really seeking a recovery aid which beckons another question. Is there an increased risk of over training? My apologies for the questions that taboo, I am new.

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    For your age you should get blood work done anyways to see where your total and free testosterone levels stand.

    Like Mr. BB said most members here have a bodybuilding goal and endurance type training will generally clash with the goal of maximizing muscle development and stimulating Type 2 fiber growth.

    Your question is interesting however, I found this article I'm sure will be useful in your journey:

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