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Thread: The correlation between strength and muscle mass gains?

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    The correlation between strength and muscle mass gains?

    38 years old
    High teens BF%
    Weights 2x week, cardio 5x on other days. (60-75 min on stationary bike)
    Trying to cut and get BF as low as humanly possible sans AAS.
    Few PH cycles about 6-7 years ago

    Is there a correlation? If I am losing strength, am I assumed to be losing muscle? Can I build muscle without gaining strength?

    I am pretty confused because my numbers really aren't adding up. (Discalaimer, I'm not new to this type stuff. Has a certification in past for PT, but that was about 10yrs ago) I meticulously track every weight, every workout, calories....all of it. I am trying to cut, but seem to be recomping instead despite hitting all my goals every day. I actually am coming in 400-600 under what is recommended most days.

    But here is the problem, I seem to be down in the strength department. Now you would think OK fine you are cutting, calorie deficit that is normal. But I'm not losing anything around my stomach really. And my weight is only 2lbs less from July 1, a full month.

    I can give more of a background/details if you would like, but I literally am doing insane amount of cardio, strength is decreasing/same, but weight/stomach measurement isn't . How the hell is this possible. I recently even changed the cardio up (2 weeks running now) from a leisurely walk with the dog, to 14mph avg on the stationary bike which should be burning double what I was doing walking first 2 weeks of the month.

    Here is the even crazier thing, I started clen on July 14 and my weight has INCREASED from 188.8 to 190.2 during that period. I was making more progress doing less intense cardio, with no clen!! I am going to keep going but I am just baffled all around. I even cleaned the diet up to perfection when I went on the clen. When I went on the clen I added in 15g arginine a day, kre alk creatine 4g a day, 10g micronized glutamine too.

    I just bumped the clen to 120 from 60mcg days 1-4, 80mcg Days 5-12, because I plan on being on it til I hit my goal (75mg benadryl every night). I am trying to get down to high 170's which would probably get me to 10-12% BF but seem to be going backwards the last 2 weeks.

    I want to do another very mild cycle but can't do it until I get this damn fat off!

    I just feel like if my stomach isn't shrinking (I'm down about a 1/2 inch on the month but that really isn't anything) and my strength isn't increasing if I was building muscle, I am standing still progress wise. Weight is static. Strength is static or even worse down a little.

    Sorry for the rambling.

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    You are only lifting 2 times per week? I would increase that right away... Weight training makes a huge difference on fat loss.

    At a 400-600 calories deficit, losing 0.5 lbs per week isn't that bad. Especially when you consider you're only hitting the weights twice a week. Are you doing your cardio fasted?

    The weight you just gained while starting clen could be due to you also having started the creatine.

    Your best bet is to head over to the diet section and post up your daily meals for some critique. I am willing to bet there will be room for improvement there.

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    Strength loss is normal when I cut carbs
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    I would completly change everything it sounds like you have been in a set routine for calculate your tdee without cardio slowly decrease carbs over a period of months while ramping up livin lean says more weightraining..sounds like you have hit a barrier and your body is too used to your routine..change things up for me shocking my body is the only way I can make radical changes in lean mass or body fat

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