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    Does that Infared light chambers really do anything for you

    I was just wondering i am signing up at a gym and they have one is it worth my time to use it?

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    Are you asking in reference to skin therapy? If your asking about skin therapy, from what I have seen, it can... but the timeline truly varies from person to person. A few months on average to see shifts in your level of acne, spots, etc... even supposedly varicose vein issues (I would want to see that to accept the claim however).
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    Unsure of the purpose of the infrared chambers, but I do know that certain wavelengths of infrared and near infrared light are thought to aid in healing and reducing inflammation. I believe the wavelengths spanned anywhere from 600nm to 900nm up to 700 nm to 1400 nm. However, I believe the best application of that is via wands or directed light sources?
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