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    the polish monster experiment .colarado exp.part2

    So that is To Alin I got hip to the Colorado expeiriments

    The Colorado Experiment | High Intensity Training by Drew Baye

    And they use different nautalis machines but they also had sercret Prototypes machines that had 5 different changeable options , negatives, possitive lifts, combos etc..I wonder if they ever made them for public use. I use to lift at an orthopedic doctors office that worked on alot of the pro league players in sports. I did landscaping for him and friend of my moms so I was able to use all his nautalis equipment. But never seen the Omni I don't think

    Now I read about the science of muscle memory and cell nuclei. And I don't doubt the gains they made considering they were genetically built for mass etc.
    I myself dropped from natural 220lbs down to 165lbs and gained that back nearly (40lbs in 4 months ).
    Granted the one guy in the experiment at least dropped like 30 lbs so he gained that back quick cuz of muscle memory.

    Sorry for the rants. I guess my point is that they focused mainly on negatives. I always wanted to incorporate this into my lifting. With this staid ill like to start an experiment called

    "The polish monster experiment". Look out silabolin. I'm coming for you!! I will focus a lot more on Negatives and such ..triple super set slow reps to failure , similar to the Colorado exp..
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