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    Well...I'm on my gear now and i want to concentrate on my bi's...there are so far behind and the f&*kers won't grow...On my back and bi's day I do Standing Curls 3 sets 5-10 reps
    Seated D.B. Curls 3 sets 8-10 reps
    What else could i do to get these damn things to look big..freakin' everyone when they here that i lift always wanna feel the arms...eventhough they are solid they just don't have the size! HELP! I was thinking about training them on Sat. which is my rest day(Sun. is too though)

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    My bis also lag. I found dumbell preacher curls add mass as well as heavy hammer curls. I do concentration curls light to squeeze out the peak. I finish with preacher reverse curls with an EZ curl bar. 3 sets of each 8-12 reps.

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    I would move Bi's to a different day, just don't do em with back. I would continue going with about 6 sets or so for em like you're doing now, just switch up the exercises every workout though.

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    IMO Bi's respond when done on the same day with tri's best.

    My bicep routine is in this thread

    I noticed some huge gains right away from doing this.

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    I agree with RON, I like to do them with tri's also. Since I do them together and cut down on my sets they have begun to grow. Hammer curls are my favorite for Bi's and skull crushers are my fav. tri workout

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