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    Accurate BF% 7 point caliper checks

    I've seen a lot of debate on this forums around actual BF% and that its usually a lot higher than most people think.

    I just had a 7 point caliper check carried out by a exercise physiologist and came in at 6.03%.

    There is a link that takes you to examples of BF% and I don't look like that on the pics of 6% though the physiologist said that water retention plays a large role in how you look and that the caliper test pushed the water out of the fat cells to give a truly accurate reading.

    Would it be worthwhile getting a 14 point check or do most people just get a 7 point check?

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    Caliper testing can be very subjective just based on the person doing the testing. Take a look a getting a bod pod test. They are not all that expensive and many colleges have them available for testing.

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    I do 7 calipers checks all the time im usually around 4-6% BF same day bodpod testing can be around 15-17%BF

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