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Thread: Tweaks and advice

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    Tweaks and advice

    Here's my deal. I was in the military and working out constantly. Since ETSing in 2010, i haven't done much. I was 6'2 215 in the prime, not huge, but defined. Well 2 months ago I decided to make a change, I was up to almost 300lbs and felt shittier than ever (obviously). I am shedding the weight by working out 5-6 times a week with proper diet. I am currently down to 255. I am looking to shed at least another 30lbs but the last 2 weeks have seemed like a bust after shedding a ton of weight to begin with. My usual workouts consists of a 10 min mile to warm up and then directly into super setting whatever muscle group I am working on. My thought process is, mile to rev up cardio and super setting to continue high BPM and work muscle groups too. All of this puts me right at an hour at the gym. I have a feeling I probably should run more, IE. at the end too. If thats the case Great! Any other ideas?

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    Yes, increase cardio and put less food in your mouth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.BB View Post
    Yes, increase cardio and put less food in your mouth.
    I agree, more cardio and strict nutrition plan. I try to burn atleast 300 cals on my warmup cardio then lift with high intensity and finish off with some solid steady state for around 30 mins or so depending on my workout, my goal is to leave the gym with atleast 800-1000 cals burned and this ensures i burn enough cals through the day to consistently lose weight every week generally 1-1.5 lbs while adding lean mass, it doesn't always work that way of course lol but its a solid base for me

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