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    2 years ago i weighed in at 293 lbs. I am 6 ft tall and then i was about 30 years old. I worked hard on eating clean and lost about 85 lbs (got down to 210) then started hitting the gym hard and continued for about a year and a half solid. 5-6 days a week in the gym. Saw a lot of progress in the first 6-8 months. Was leaner, saw the gains, felt better, looked better but then the gains and progress were at a stand still. Then i moved and took a new job and fell away from my routine and ended up gaining about 30-35 lbs and i feel like shit again. I am back in the gym 3-5 days a week but i have lost every single gain and im basically starting over. I want to cut weight and build mass at the same time if possible...but how? I need guidance on what to take. I am currently 240lbs 6 ft tall and my problem has always been not what i eat but how much. I dont eat enough. Someone please help. Whats my best course of action???

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    Its going to be hard to do two things at once. If you are new to lifting it is possible to lose weight and gain muscle. But those newbie gains don't come forever. I would find a good 4 day a week split for lifting and do 30 min of cardio everyday.
    On the diet side I would get an app for your phone like my fitness pal. Track what you are currently eating for a week and also track what your weight does that week. If you gain or stay the same it's time to cut calories. Usually from carbs. Depending on how fast you want to lose you can drop between 300-500 calories a day. Once the scale starts to move in the right direction you will have to make little adjustments as you go. If the weight loss stalls you can either reduce calories or do more cardio. I typically let how I feel determine which I do. If I find I'm always full I may reduce calories. If I find I'm a little deprive on the food side I may increase my cardio so I can eat more. I hope this is a good starting point for you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Forgot to add. On the macro side your going to want to shoot for about 1g of protein per pound of body weight. Fats will land somewhere between 50-100g and the rest will be made of carbs. Consider the protein and fats locked in for the most part and manipulate the carbs to reach your goals.
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    Hit the diet section bro they are 2nd too none.

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    Sounds like you know what to do because you've done it before. There aren't any short cuts just putting in the time and effort. Get in the diet section as previously mentioned. Lots of info and help from that section of the forum. Best of luck man.

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