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Thread: CNS relaxing?

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    CNS relaxing?

    Hi everyone, I've got very basic question regarding something that's been helping me.

    I have been prescribed hydroxyzine which from my understanding is a drug that suppresses the CNS which in my theory would.. make the CNS more sensitive when you take stims like caffeine, clen , amphetamines, ephedrine (have a bad caffeine/ephedrine tolerance) once it wears off? Would it be a good idea to use this post-workout to help relax and lower the CNS activity?
    I've thought about it and VERY rarely, even when I'm trying to sleep do I feel "mellow" and "calm" which this drug helps with incredibly, somewhat like a reverse-stimulant.

    Does anyone else have opinions with this? The similar antihistamine drug Ketofen upregulates beta2 but from my understanding this is different. Thanks.

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    I've never heard of anyone using a drug for CNS recuperation. Usually the only thing is to give it a rest. Either a deload week or just some time off will do the trick without any side effects that could come from the medication.

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