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Thread: chest workout?

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    chest workout?

    i had been using a chest machine press for a while and i recently switched to dumbbells instead.. on the machine i did about 170.. but with dumbbells i can only do 55 lbs.. is this right? here tell me if this routine is any good

    flat bench flies - 3 sets 10 reps
    flat bench dumbells - 4 sets 8
    incline machine - 4 sets 8
    cables - 3 sets 8

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    You will never be able to do the same thing with free weights as you can with a machine. That is a alright workout but you shouldnt do it every time you work chest. Your not even hitting every part of your chest. Throw in some new exercises and swich it up every week.

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    if your ready for a change of pace try selecting all your exercises from free weights. ur current workout is good, but like NN said remember to switch up exercises try to change it every five-six times you use one workout change it. eventually you'll plateau thats where different variables should come in to play

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    Start your routine out with an incline movement, such as db or bb presses. Upper chest is the hardest part of the chest to build so you want to work it in the begining of your workout. Try and stay away from the machines, use free weight when possible.
    Try this:
    incline barbell press 4 sets
    bench press 4 sets
    incline db flyes 3 sets
    cable crossovers 3 sets

    pyramid the weight up on each set.

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    My chest is a variation of Dorian's HIT, I do all DB's because I tore my rotator cuff and BB kills me:

    XX = weight you use..
    Incl. DB Press
    XX = 20 XX=15 XX=10 XX=failure
    INcl DB Fly
    XX=20 XX=15 XX=failure

    DB Press
    XX = 20 XX=15 XX=10 XX=failure
    DB Fly
    XX=20 XX=15 XX=failure

    Decline DB
    XX = 20 XX=15 XX=10 XX=failure
    Decline DB Fly
    XX=20 XX=15 XX=failure

    DB pull over
    XX = 20 XX=15 XX=10 XX=failure

    XX=20 XX=15 XX=12 XX=10 XX=8 XX=FAILURE!
    I do alot because my inner chest SUX!

    Also, I add in other excersizes at times...

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