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Thread: Two Questions

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    Two Questions

    The first one has to do with lower back. I have tried to do deadlifts but it puts way to much stress on my lower back.What other great exercises are there for your lower back. My second question involves squats.I like to go heavy but dont have a spotter with me.Can squats on the Smith Machine be just as effective?

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    Hyperextensions are good for the lower back. You just have to do more of them.

    And the Smith machine squats are good, they just kinda isolate the legs a little more. You don't have to use as much abs and back to control the wieght. JMO

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    Yes rastus right , Hyper extensions or good mornings are good for
    the lower back.

    But when it comes to squats! 3 words! FREE WEIGHTS BABY!

    most gyms have a power rack, you can set the pins up below 90
    deg. Squats will make your whole body GROW!

    Just remember to keep your chin up, and then ass to the grass,
    don't worry about how much weight your lifting, just go deeeeep!

    Squats are my fav! Just finished training legs tonight,got 4 plates
    a side for 8 reps NO SHITTIN!

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    If deadlifts are hurting your lower back then you are not doing them correctly.And free weight squats are the meat and veg of leg training you should not need a spotter just go lighter and incress the weight gradually.

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