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    I've felt completely exhausted for a week now and I don't know what to do

    First of im 19, train 5 days on and 1 day off.
    I don't have school or work and I'm focusing hard on my training, recently i started smoking for the first time and my appetite exploded. So when i got a lot more food I felt like I had energy to workout somedays to 3 hours. Then one day after a legday my body kinda crashed, and i actually felt pain in muscles like by biceps after legday..

    I thought it might be Rhabdomyolysis, but i am not sure. Right now I have a hard time doing anything, motivation has gone down, i feel so tired and with absolutely no energy. I have tried a d-load for a few days, but even that is too much for my body, I really can't train at all.

    Im just looking for opinions and maybe some advice from you guys, thanks in advance :-)
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    Kick the HTC, that will help with energy. Some people can stay motivated on it, and some can't.

    Your workouts should be limited to 1 hour max, after that your body will enter into a catabolic state and consume muscle for energy. Go harder and rest less between sets.

    Make sure you are getting your protein powder and fast absorbing carbs in within 30min of your workout.

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    You've over-trained. You need rest. Give an additional rest day and try to keep your workouts to 60 minutes/day until you feel like you can go longer.

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