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    Cardio 2 hours before bed time and last meal?

    Ok i'm hoping someone can help me with this. I personal train in a gym from 5-11pm nightly. I am currently eating and working out for maintenance (I do 3 days of cardio, 20-25 minutes after a lift). In an effort to better utilize my post workout feedings and promote better muscle gains, I was thinking of doing my cardio around 1030 pm (my last meal is around 12-1230, its a protein shake and some naddy peanut butter). Does anyone know the effects this may have on my whole diet and workout plan? I see many pro bodybuilders who actually throw in some cardio an hour or two before thier last feeding come pre contest time. Basically, is splitting my workout up like this optimal for maintaining and/ or gaining muscularity. Any help would be great

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    No need to post the same thread twice. It will get answered, eventually.

    As for your question...the best time to do cardio is on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning. If you only have time to run in the evening thats fine but I would rather run after I lift instead of before bedtime. But its a personal preference thing. Running before bed would keep me up for hrs.


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    as far as im concerned, and my knowledge leads me to think, that cardio anytime is cardio, and will get the job done, as long as it dont affect your sleep, do it when u want to.

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    If you are on a low carb diet then you will not have much glycogen storage so cardio is fine anytime. Do it after weight training.

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