Hey guys,
I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask for a bit of feedback. A little bit about me. I'm 42, been lifting for about 7 years. Grew up playing sports, trained for awhile in Muay Thai so I'm pretty athletic. 6'0, 183. Last summer, I dropped about 25 pounds with a personal trainer but lost quite a bit of muscle. It screwed my hormones up to the point I went on test, and now I have hypothyroidism. The test dosage was 500mg/week and it shot me back up but I also gained a lot of fat. I was sitting at 212. Im now at 183. I'm still on 500mg/week of test but I've added 400mg/Deca and want to try a slow recomp. My nutrition is on point. I was thinking about eating at maintenance or maybe slightly under. I need feedback on the training. So here's my general idea. I thought about a 6-8 week program to shock my body with heavy days for muscle building/retention and lactic acid days for GH stimulation and high intensity instead of traditional HIIT or cardio. My concern is recovery and volume of my CNS. Any thoughts or suggestions? This is just a broad idea about combining 2 full body days with a German Body Comp program.

2 days/week - full body. low reps/heavy weight
1 day - upper body lactic acid training -
1 day - lower body lactic acid training -
maybe on the days off some mobility work.