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    Training hard = low T ??

    I was reading an article that said athletes who train hard can have low T due to their body using up the available testosterone . The reason I ask is because I have never taken steroids and my T levels recently were 471, with free test at 11.2 (on a scale of ~ 8-25). However, when I was 19, my total test levels were in the ~900s. I haven't done steroids in the past, so it sort of shocked me to see how low my T levels are now compared to 13 years ago. I would think they would be in the upper 700's, not 400's. The thing I can attribute my low levels to is that I have been lifting consistently and also lowering my carb intake. The day before my lab test I trained arms and did some legs I believe, and also walked around 4 miles. Maybe this had an effect? But that much of an effect?

    Any of you have any thoughts or experience with this?

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    Genetic s. Possibly age

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    Yes training hard does lower you test levels for about 24 hours after the session which is why using testosterone gives people such an advantage because their body is never recovering test levels and always growing (assuming diet and sleep are in check).

    In your case it could just be age as levels do decrease with time, but also time of day can effect levels and like you said having trained the day before could def have bearing on your overall levels.

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