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    Program Design Volume Difficulty: requesting advice

    FYI This is also posted in Marcusís Dungeon.

    Iíve taken some time off of HIT while Iíve training for endurance mountain bike races. In 50 days, however, Iím returning to HIT with a vengeance to recoup some muscle loss.

    Iíll be doing a lean bulk on Cycle (Tren E, Dbol kickstart, on TRT test dosage, if not slightly more).

    My challenge is: what is the ideal way to implement Marcusís HIT training into an already volume intensive indoor bike cardio program with the following schedule?

    Monday- weights
    Tuesday- bike 60
    Wednesday-bike 60 (leg weights after)
    Thursday-bike 75
    Friday- weights
    Saturday- bike 90-120
    Sunday- bike 75-120

    I canít pull back on the cardio, itís required to be grow endurance and be prepared for endurance races late this year and early next year.

    As I said, Iíll be on Cycle for this planned 12 week lean bulk. I had a program planned, but I donít like my limited weights volume, I want more and am trying to find the ideal approach to do so.

    What are your suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    Here are my current stats:

    37 y/o
    215 pounds
    10-12% BF
    6 foot
    20 years weights experience
    4-5 years gear experience
    2-3 years Marcusís HIT
    2-3 years Power Bodybuilding
    3-5 years volume

    Classical physique look. Requires me to lean out midsection, increase back thickness and width, increase triceps size and biceps peak, increase hamstrings, increase medial delt and upper/inner chest.

    Currently cutting @2600 before I start Marcusís pre-cycle prime; maintenance is typically around 2700-2800 calories on Cycle.

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    Bump for feedback

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