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I will have to take a peek at that calculator. I'm not a fan of having squat day and deadlift day that close together but it could probably be swapped around.
Kind of an update so far. I've been running this program for two weeks now and I honestly don't know yet if it is for me at all
I have squat/dead day and than two days later I'm struggling on bench/chest day
Either my calories/food is just not enough for this program or I need to lower my weight/volume that this program calls for. At the moment running this program with my own accessory work and sometimes fasting/not eating enough for weight loss just is beating me to hell and the other day I have a horrible training session where I have practically no strength at all. I hit a PR on squat, a new high rep PR on bench the other week and now all of the sudden no strength at all

Could be food but I think its the program with the heavier weight/volume im doing
I can do the standard 5/3/1 and it seems to work just fine than I try this program and my weights/volume is all over the place and I'm losing strength..

Starting to think maybe that program on a three day split would work better than a four day split. I've been hitting heavier and heavier weights weekly, now it might be time to deload or completely not touch the iron for a week