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    Neurotype and Training

    I just watched this entire playlist last night and I am 100% Type 1A which means I am more neurodriven rather than muscular driven. In other words, I'm not a prime candidate for bodybuilding training, and my type only gets bigger when I get stronger.

    Find out what your type is? Hint: Not all of us will respond well to BB training no matter what we try. This stuff makes sense and I've proven it on myself with diff styles of training; and the best type for me is Dorian HIT style.

    And the reason why not many BB do Yates style is being only 8% of the population are Type 1A athletes. Type 1A and 1B are good for power-lifting and olympics. Whereas 2A and 2B will respond to BB training, like Arnold is type 2, 50/50 neuro and muscle driven.

    Anyway, check it out.

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    Experiment two to test neurotype training for shoulders and triceps. Decided to ditch HIT for today but still use pyramid principle.

    I decided to do this after my shoulder workout so this experiment was done on my triceps.

    I worked up to the heaviest weight possible, which was a rep range of 4-6 reps. After a two min rest, I was able to do it again, as if there was no set before. I stopped doing the exercise if I lost a rep. That happened at 4 sets with every exercise. This is consistent with the idea that type 1A dopamine dominate trainees need low reps and not much TUT; they need to fire off as many neurons to get the intensity. And we can do multiple sets of this type of intensity as well.

    Had I done high reps for each set I would have lost reps every set. This just proves that this neurotype concept must have some truth to it.

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