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    Cardio bad during cycle??

    Ive never heard of this until I saw a post saying he heard of it a lot.
    If cardio is bad while on a cycle, why??? Jogging and swimming cant be bad. I dont understand this. I noticed I have more stamina jogging while on juice. In fact I now have to jog with 2.5 lb weights in each hand. Up hill, in the snow, both ways...With no shoes on.

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    Some guys while bulking will not do cardio in fear of it hindering gains. Now I like to do cardio whether bulking or dieting or on juice or not. If I'm bulking I'll just up my calories even more to compensate for the cardio, but to each his own.

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    a lot of times some people forget that bodybuilding is about leading a healthy lifestyle. look at some of the pros off season. they get fat as hell.

    presonally, i believe working your heart is just as important as working your other muscles; so i say yes, cardio on a bulk or a cycle is fine.

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    well ive heard real bad things about hurtin your heart while on a bulking cycle if your on juice and you do cardio, but what iove heard comes from gym and not from doc, but im not messin with it, to many sides to worry about destroyin my heart when im puttin on extra weight anyway, i say stay away till your off

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    Cardio burns calories. If your doing a bulking cycle, your goal is to get as much calories as possible... doing cardio is robbing calories from your muscles.

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