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    Interesting read about reps and sets

    the article is pretty long, if you want to read here's the link

    Here's a quick summary:

    Low Volume Training.

    Not much improvement if you perform multiple sets.
    The second set gives you improvement of only 0 to 5%. Even less any additional sets. (it diminishes) - the oldtimers refuse to believe it, since they got accustomed to multiple sets.

    Intensity is the key. "These common goals can be obtained by doing the most within the least number of sets and exercises. Specifically, this involves performing as many repetitions as possible within the repetition range of the workout set, one repetition short of failure or compromising exercise form"

    Basically, hitting it 1 or 2 times (1 or 2 sets of low reps) with all you have and give it 4 to 5 days rest before you hit it again is the best.

    It also discusses pros and cons of multiple sets, low weights etc.

    definitely worth reading. IMO

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