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    DB Bench Press Questions????

    What is your hand position when you DB Bench, I would always have my hands perpendicular just because I always thought it was the right way. Here is what i mean:

    === ===

    But having my inner chest lacking, I was thinking of cambering my hands as follows:

    /// \\\

    Does this change anything when benching, or am I just wasting my time?

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    The pec is one big muscle... how it grows is down to your genetics. It's not really possible to work the inner chest more specifically. If you think a certain area in the pec is lacking, there's not much you can do apart from hit it hard and try to make the whole thing grow...

    I dont think changing your hand position will help very much :\

    Hope that helps

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    Hmmm..I always thought that pec deck and flys were great for inner chest...

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    Just a thought........You can try twisting your hands in the movements. That is, start out with your palms facing up (pointing towards your feets) and as you go up with the dumbell twist your wrist inward (palms facing each other). Then twist your wrist back to its original positions as you lower the db.

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