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    Does the 8 sets of 8 routine work?

    Hey guys, i heard that a lot of people use a routine that involves doing 8 sets of 8 for 3 exercises. One body part a day is what i do so i dont know if it would put enough work into the muscle to get the growth im looking for. Shoulders are my weak point and this might be where i want to throw this in.

    For example: Chest
    Flat bench: 8 sets 8
    Incline bench: 8 sets 8
    Decline bench: 8 sets 8

    my usual workout is 3-5 sets at 6 to 10 reps each, pyramiding the weight for the most part. Do you think this is a good routine to put a shock into the muscle and get some good size. Thanks in advance.

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    I heard of doing a superset of ten reps for tens sets but I dont know if they do any other excersizes than that I would think you would be pretty much dead after your chest workout

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    Your workout now sounds good. Most of the time if your not seeing improvement its the diet. Ill usually hit 12-16 sets per muscle group.

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    Dude, instead of all those presssing movements I'd do a set of flyes too... maybe

    Flat bench
    Incline Fly or Flat fly
    Incline Press (switch off with decline every other week)

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