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Thread: weird workout?

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    weird workout?

    I saw this weird workout split in a magazine what do u guys think? Keep in mind its meant for being on the juice so i guess recovery time is figured to take a lot less so this wont be overtraining???

    Monday-Chest + Tris
    Tuesday-Back + Bi's
    WEdnesday-Shoulders + Legs
    THursday-Chest + Tris
    Friday-Back + Bis
    Saturday-Shoulders + Legs

    THe sets and reps are pretty intense and its only for a short time of about 8-10 weeks. Lemme know what u guys think.

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    Its kinda how I have my set up.

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    I'm not a fan of hitting things up twice a week. Hit everything once a week (destroy one bodypart a day) Also, if you do legs right, there is no way you should have the energy to do shoulders.

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