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Thread: What are your max push-ups you can do in a row?

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    What are your max push-ups you can do in a row?

    I think being able to do a lot of pushups in a row is good for those parties with the boys as someone is going to call you out on it saying they are stronger then you pound for pound 😂

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    Push ups are not a strength test.... maybe load a bench press up of you want to really want to see. No one cares if a stick person can do tons of push ups or run a marathon.
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    For me pushup is when your chest touches the ground every rep. Full rom not the half reps everyone and theyr mother cranks out by the hundreds. Ican probwbly do about 40-50 of those

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    When I was 17, I once did 83 press up's in a row.

    Now I'm in my 30's, I weigh an extra 17kg, and I can do about 40 - 50 (but I had shoulder surgery 3 months ago).

    I'm acting in a play this weekend, and so just before I go out on stage, I do as many press up's as I can, so I'm a little out of breath on stage. If I had my way, I'd put a stationary bike backstage and peddle the fuck out of it, then jump down and do press up's before running out onto the stage.

    Actually what's the best exercise to very quickly get you out of breath? Burpees or something? The press ups work well though . . . and then I can really exaggerate my breathing on the stage.

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    One. Then I realize I'm wasting my time.
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