I have recently been experimenting with my arm work-outs. I usually do biceps first then triceps. But I switched it up last week and noticed that after doing my triceps first I was much stronger when doing my biceps, more reps with more weight. I was wondering what your opinion would be to this. I figure when I am doing my triceps I am warming my biceps at the same time. Also, I wanted some of your opinions on my chest and back work-out. When I work my chest I am obviously working my triceps too. With my back work-out I am also working my biceps. Does anyone recomend doing chest then back the next day then doing legs so my arms can recouperate so I can get a better arm work-out? Or should I just destroy my arms in a three day period by doing chest one day then back the next then arms the next day? I have been doing this but I really don't feel weaker when it comes to my arm day. But then again it could all be mental. Thanks!