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    Muscle rest question

    I'm new to this forum, and although I've been going to the gym for a year and a half I've just realized that I'mdoing a lot wrong.

    I keep readin how important it is to let a muscle rest for days after working it so that it can heal and grow. Is it bad if I play a sport that uses a muscle the day after I work it, or should I only not lift weights with it again. For example, yesterday I worked my biceps and triceps and I have a softball game today. Will throwing the ball/swinging the bat inhibit my muscle growth, or will it not matter as long as I dont lift a heavy weight?

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    Well, you always want to lift the heavy weight reguardless. Otherwise, you might as well be doing pilates. Yes, you may have to give it a few more days before working out again. In general, during the season, I would extend your rest interval. I would not suggest letting the weight lifting thing take priority over athletics though. Think of it as a supplement to the sport. I remember playing games after leg workouts. Needless to say, my play suffered.

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    you're going to be fine working your muscles the day after you lift. lifting the same muscle two days in a row however is a horrible idea for the most part. the only exception i can think of is once a month blast your arms twice a day. i read it in a recent muscle and fitness magazine or something. anyway, that's besides the point. running and doing exercise the day after u train is a great idea since you're in a sport. it'll get rid of the lactic acid


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