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Thread: legs and nausea

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    legs and nausea

    well i was doing legs.. this is probably the second week this month i've missed workouts due to vacation and what not, but from now on im going to be consistent.. anyway i hadnt done legs in a while.. halfway thru the workout, i started feeling really nauseous almost like i was going to throw up.. i went an sat down for a few minutes.. after about 2 minutes the room started looking really bright and then i broke out into an instant sweat.. after which i felt completely better.. any ideas what this is.. needless to say.. i had decided i had enough for the day an went home not finishing legs.

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    Could have been a brief acidosis incident. This occurs when there is so much lactic acid in your blood stream that your body attenuates the bloodflow to your brain. I actually lost all senses - vision, hearing, touch, etc. when this happened to me once after doing some very high intensity interval training. I never lost consciousness, though. Best thing you can do is lie down and elevate your feet...trying to force the blood back into your brain.

    Also, when you regain your fitness after a brief layoff, problems like these tend to disappear.

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    I Felt The Same Way Too On Leg Days When I First Started, I Thought It Had To Due With The Fact That I Ate Prior To Going Or That I Trained So Hard Because Of All The Pushing My Legs Werent Use To ,, Ive Read And Heard About A Lot Of People Throwing Up And Feeling Dizzy During Leg Day,, Now I Dont Feel That Way Anymore Just Got Use To It...

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    It happens to a lot of us when we train Legs hard .. the main reason is since the muscles in you Leg are so large, when you pump them with blood from training you take away some going to your brain which can cause some slight 'light-headedness'. No big deal.


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