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Thread: bench help

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    bench help

    I am looking for some help to increase my flat bench. I am weak on the flat bench (305 on smith for 1 rep). I am fairly strong on incline (120 dumbells). I never really worry about how much I lift but I am starting to notice more upper chest development and I like to keep things somewhat symmetrical. Any suggestiuons would help. I have a 2 pics posted to answer any questions about stats. Thanks!

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    Just start off with flat bench everytime you chest, and see how that goes for you. IMO I think you should do flat bench without the smith press, unless you are having shoulder problems

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    I agree stick to doing flat bench first.Try and get someone to help you to do some forced reps and some negative that should help you....

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    I would start doing flat bench with dumbells first off, you need to change it up and you will work your muscles a little more even. Also hit the tricepts hard because that is the last bit of your press. By doing this i went from 385 to 405 in a summer without doing any flat bench for 2 months.

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    Originally posted by CrazyRussian
    Also hit the tricepts hard because that is the last bit of your press. By doing this i went from 385 to 405 in a summer without doing any flat bench for 2 months.
    That's good advice... but also I would set myself up a little power lifting ruitine on the bench... say 8 weeks... go heavy.. warmup to sets of five, four, three, two, and then the big one at the end of the 8 wks.

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    Wat helped me, is starting, after a really good warmup, with the heaviest set first 4-6 reps, the an other with less weight, for 6-12 reps.

    Max 6 sets for chest workout, and rest for 7 days.

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    Always train your "weakpoint" first. So hit the flat bench. There is no substitute for free weights when building power, so lay off the smith machine. That holds you in a straight line movement, and your body doesn't move that way naturally. You are removing some of the stabilizer muscles as well.

    Training for BB and Power are COMPLETELY differnent animals. If you are training for BB, then the 1 rep max shouldn't matter. It's all about Hypertrophy. IF you want 1 rep max, your goal isn't to put on any more muscle. It is to recruit all the muscle fibers that you have, and use them as explosivley as possible.

    Start w/ flat bench, use less reps, more weight, increase the rest between sets (you want your muscles to recover for power, not tear them down with short rest as in BB training). Focus on Explosion. CONTROLLED. DO NOT BOUNCE THE WEIGHT.

    Look into west side training methods. They kick ass.

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    Like everyone else I would follow you flat first. Thatr being said yet on more time, try a few differnet chest excersises to build your lower chest. You are very fortuneate as the upper chest is useually the hardest part of the chest to make gains in. Try dumbell butterfly's, or lower cable cross overs for you lower chest. The decline bench is another GREAT lower chest excersie especially if you have a wide grip on the bar when you are preforming the lift.

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    my bench rputine

    for bench i do 5 sets
    first set: relatively light weight, 8 times
    second set: alittle bit heavier weight, 6 times
    third set: heavier weight, 4 times
    fourth set: your current max, 2 times
    fifth set:5-10 pounds over your max, 1 time
    this helped me greatly, i went up 55 pounds on bench in alittle over 3 weeks
    stay away from the smith rack when bencing

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