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    Building Team Speed???

    I just became a coach at a small school in Texas. Since this is my first year coaching I have laid back on some issues, except for in the weight room. Being serious about lifting these past two years and being a member of this board I feel I know a lot more than the average bear on weightlifting.
    The team is talented, but slow. I have a group of freshman that I think is the team every coach looks for: smart, hard working, and competitive.
    My question to the members of this board is CAN I TRAIN THEM FOR SPEED WHILE THEIR YOUNG-BETTER SQUATS, LUNGES, HAMSTRINGS, plyometrics AND SO ON. I am just looking for some opinions on this issue. thanks j.j.

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    Well at the base of everything else is strength, so obviously lifting is important.

    However i really think you should rephrase your questions as i am not quite sure what you're asking.

    I am assuming you are a football coach, if you are then WSB might be something you should seriously consider if you already have not.

    Just think of a football game, average drive is 10 plays or so, between each play you get a small break. Usually you might push your opponent twice or so with maximum force and then boom the play is over, rest for a few seconds and do it again. Football really parallels what you would be doing on your DE days so thats why i bring it up.

    If your question is "Can I train them for speed" then certainly yes. My approach would emphasize WSB and light cardio in the offseason to build that core strength, and then as the season approaches add in the plyometrics and intense cardio.

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    if you want speed then GHD's (Glute ham raises) and reverse hypers are a must. You gotta get the hamstrings strong and the lower back. You will be pleasently surprised that you will see your players squat numbers increase as well.

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