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Thread: Lifting straps

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    Lifting straps

    This is gonna sound like a really dumb question but I gotta ask. Currently when I workout I wear lifting gloves. I see some guys using lifting straps or gloves with straps built in. How do these help. They just seem to wrap around the bar? That helps? I guess I just thought that they would slip off if you released your grip a little. I have never used them and I am wondering if they would help me out. During my last 2 sets of deadlifts this morning I felt as if I was gonna lose the bar so that's why I ask. Thanks everyone for your help. You guys rock.

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    chalk is much better. the straps dont help to strengthen your grip so you arent solving the problem. using chalk you will strengthen your grip over time

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    Mfenske, wrapping that strap around the bar will help you hold more weight. The weight of the bar along with your hands keeping the strap from unwrapping allows you to almost make the lift with just a few fingers holding on. But the better approach is to work on your grip strength so you'll not have a need for them. But for the record I use them when the weight gets real heavy on deadlifts, by the fourth rep at 415-445 I like to have them on to get that last two reps without having to stop and re-grip. For personal best records only lifts without straps are what Iíll record in my log book.

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    Yes, use the wraps for heavy deads, also if you do a push pull routine, I have to use them sometime by the end of my back/bi workout, because of grip failure. I would say, though, to take it all the way, before you wrap, this is for shear grip strength.

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