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Thread: Outa Shape

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    Outa Shape

    I havent worked out for a long time....alot of stuff going on and me being lazy doesnt pay off....

    Well now I started school, work, and I have a freee gym membership!

    i need an advice on how to start out. I remember doing legs once after I havent worked out for long ass time, I collapsed twice to the ground, couldnt walk...I dont want that happening to how do i get in shape again?

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    It's just like running to get into shape - you've got to build up to it. You can't go balls to the wall right out of the chute. Maybe start with a few workouts where you're doing all upper body or all lower body. You don't have to separate everything right now. Get your muscles back in shape. Get your diet back into check. Drop the girlfriend if you have one - rely on one night stands for booty if need be.

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